What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source blogging platform and content management system developed on the PHP scripting language and MySQL database, you should note it is compatible with the new MariaDB.

Overtime WordPress has grown in popularity with millions of users worldwide and has become the number one content management system worldwide, powering 22% of new websites. Further to this, WordPress has grown as an application. Since its inception WordPress has sprouted thousands of new features and functions that have enabled it to become the number one content management system not only for blogs, but for an array of websites. Third party developers have created millions of plugins that would make WordPress universal in terms of use and versatiity.

WordPress enables users to create pages, manage content including text and images as well as extend its functionality with plugins. WordPress also has a template based system that enables the easy install and deployment of pre-made design templates. This functionality enables almost any WordPress user to install and change WordPress themes with the click of a button while maintaining the information on the site.

WordPress' advanced plugin architecture allows users to effortlessly install plug-ins from a library of over 17 thousand. These plugins are designed to extend the features and functionality of WordPress beyond the out-of-the-box feature set. Plugins can be found for almost any requirement, from SEO and e-commerce to gallery and user management.

Hostchili provides a professional website solution that includes the upload, template installation and deployment of the WordPress CMS for your business.

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