Last Revised: February 27, 2017

Trademark; Logos; Brand Features

Hostchili’s trademarks, logos, web design, and other brand features (“Brand”) are protected by applicable trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws. Parties interested in obtaining permission or license to use any of Hostchili’s Brand or other intellectual property should send details of their request to Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and permission or license granted where appropriate.

Requests made shall be evaluated prior to accommodating any requests. Please note, we have certain criteria to ensure protection of brand integrity. Generally, we don’t allow usage of HostChili’s Brand for third party use related to website, affiliate, endorsement, etc.

At times, we get requests from people who are interested in incorporating the HostChili Brand into clothing designs or other merchandise. At this point, we do not grant these requests. Soon, we will be launching our own Hostchili merchandise and apparels, stay tuned for future announcements.

If you are a member of the media and are requesting usage of a HostChili logo, please contact and we will address your inquiry promptly.

If you are granted permission to use the HostChili Brand, please use them in accordance with our branding policy. This will be provided upon granting of the request.

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